First Aid Training in Grand Rapids, MI

First Aid Training in Grand Rapids

At Great Lakes EMS Academy we provide First Aid Training in Grand Rapids that is second to none in all of West Michigan. Our students learn not only basic first aid principles, but also everything required to obtain Heartsaver CPR and First Aid Certification.

  • CPR for adults, children & infants
  • AED use, the relief of choking for adults, children & infants
  • Use of barrier devices (masks)
  • First Aid Training (General Principles)
  • Medical & Injury Emergencies
  • Environmental & Optional Topics
  • Adult & Pediatric (Child & Infant) CPR & First Aid Training
  • Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Training Course Requirements
  • All requirements of the Pediatric Heartsaver Class
  • 2 yr American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Certification Card

If ever faced with a medical emergency, you will be glad you received your first aid cerfification training at the Great Lakes EMS Academy in Grand Rapids.
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For the outdoor enthusiast, we also offer Wilderness First Aid Training.