Fall 1997 Steve Huisman provided the First EMT class for Georgetown Township Fire Department
March 1998 Georgetown Township Fire Department offers Steve the use of the fire stations, in trade for EMT training for their fire fighters. Taking advantage of the opportunity, starts the ball rolling for the formation of the Great Lakes EMS Academy, Inc.
September 1998 First Paramedic class (10 months long)
June 1999 First Paramedic class graduates. The Academy completes the process to be licensed as a Proprietary School by the Michigan Department of Education.
August 1999 The Academy becomes one of the first institutions in Michigan to complete the new approval process from Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry services. The Academy set the foundation to consistently offer 10-month paramedic class every year and two 5-month EMT classes a year.
December 2000 The administrative offices move from Steve Huisman’s home to a small office in the Main Street Office Building in Jenison, MI.
July 2002 Melissa Warner is hired full-time to provide clinical coordination and quickly fulfills the role of the Director of the Academy.
August 2002 The Paramedic class follows a new “National Curriculum”. The Paramedic classes are now 16 months long and have more clinical requirements. Post secondary Anatomy & Physiology is a new prerequisite.
January 2003 Classes are moved to the Boulder Bluff Campus.
January 2007 The NREMT replaces the written exam with a computer adaptive test.
September 2007 The Academy moved to a new location at 1010 Front Avenue in Downtown Grand Rapids.
September 2011 The Academy moves to the current location at 1001 South Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI.