Wilderness First Aid Training in Grand Rapids, MI

Wilderness First Aid Training in Grand Rapids

You are in the wilderness for a week to get away from it all, to relax, unwind, and enjoy nature, when you find yourself faced with a medical emergency.  Miles from the nearest help – what would you do?

Great Lakes EMS Academy and Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities have teamed up to provide Wilderness First Aid Training in Grand Rapids, that will help you answer that question.

Originally called Backcountry Medicine, SOLO’s 16-hour Wilderness First Aid Training  (WFA) was first offered in 1975. Many thousands of outdoor enthusiasts have been certified at the WFA level in the last quarter-century. The SOLO Wilderness First Aid Training course will teach you how to deal with what commonly happens in the backcountry. It stresses safety, preparation, crisis avoidance, and the treatment of common problems: blisters, sprains, hypothermia, heat disorders, protection from the elements. This WFA training course does not go in-depth on physiology, the recognition and treatment on uncommon medical emergencies or injuries, but it does discuss long-term patient care. WFA Training will teach you to minimize risk, handle simple medical problems, stay put, and send for help.

Who would be interested in taking our Wilderness First Aid Training Course?

  1. Avid campers, fishermen, hunters, boaters or hikers.
  2. People involved in missionary work.
  3. Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders.
  4. Park service rangers.
  5. Anyone who plans to spend time in the wilderness.
  6. Individuals concerned about zombie apocalypse.
  7. Citizens who are preparing for civil unrest or natural disasters.

Anyone planning to spend any time away from civilization for any purpose should take the SOLO Wilderness First Aid Training in Grand Rapids at the Great Lakes EMS Academy. 

What would you do? 

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